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Spacious hall

Spacious hall that easily accommodates over 500 guests

Cuisine and hospitality

Our celebrated chefs can serve up a big meal with delectable delicacies.

Event specialists

Our Managers are event specialists and will help you manage the audio visual equipment and facilities.

A/C rooms

4 well appointed A/C rooms for a pleasurable stay whenever needed.

Free parking

Free parking space to accomodate all the delegates with the help of parking assistants.

World-class audio system

The acoustically located speakers of our world-class audio system, are worthy of a loud appalause.

Spacious hall

The spacious Banquet Hall has a capacity of 400 people and the Mini Conference Hall can hold nearly 250 guests. Moreover, the arrangements here makes it the perfect platform for corporate companies to conduct seminars, conferences ,trainings etc. AGP Trend Setters offers exceptional value for money, with its competitive pricing and amenities suited for a diverse range of uses. The services of the hall is ideal for hosting regional conferences, regular sales/product presentations and launches, seminars, work-shops, board meetings, receptions, private functions, religious ceremonies etc.

Cuisine and hospitality

We can offer a wide variety of catering options, great cuisine and hospitality is the cornerstone of any successful event. At AGP, we take pride in the high quality of our food and drink. All meals are carefully and lovingly planned and prepared to the specific needs of our customers. Catering for events of all sizes, Delivered catering through to gala dinners for up to 500 guests, Bespoke menus to fit your conference theme Commitment to care for those with specific dietary requirements.

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