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About Us

AGP Trend Setters, Kozhikode - is the perfect venue for cultural events, performing arts and social gatherings! One of the best event hub in Kozhikode, AGP Trend Setters now are also in Events, Catering & photography. AGP Garden is well air-conditioned auditorium in the city.

Feel closer to home


Spacious hall

Spacious hall that easily accommodates over 500 guests

Cuisine and hospitality

Our celebrated chefs can serve up a big meal with delectable delicacies.

Event specialists

Our Managers are event specialists and will help you manage the audio visual equipment and facilities.

A/C rooms

4 well appointed A/C rooms for a pleasurable stay whenever needed.

Free parking

Free parking space to accomodate all the delegates with the help of parking assistants.

World-class audio system

The acoustically located speakers of our world-class audio system, are worthy of a loud appalause.

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+91 944 771 2244, 960 535 6786

Fabulously planned…
Remembered always.

Events Services

Wedding Planning & Management

From the big picture to every last detail, AGP Event Management will change how you plan and party at weddings.

Party Planners & Entertainers

We offer an innovative and imaginative party filled with assortment of planning, design and proper execution.

Event specialists

We are a fast-growing company with event agencies, all over Kozikode (Calicut) with extensive business contacts in all around the globe.

Conference Management

We can help keep track of all of the details when planning Conferences for any numbers of people.

Corporate Event Management

AGP provide assistance with detail planning and budget management, access to a professional resource and always provide complete availability. Together with an international and charismatic touch of professionals.

Theme Shows & Management

AGP Trend Setter is a team of professionals who offers comprehensive services in Theme Shows & Exhibition Management and promotions.

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+91 944 771 2244, 960 535 6786

Your taste is our priority

Catering Services

Wedding catering

The experienced wedding consultants at AGP Catering will be glad to share with you the secrets to a fun and successful wedding reception.

Corporate catering

At AGP Caterers, we provide services to all groups like, common people, businesses, non profits and government agencies.

On-site preparation

We provide On-site preparation for Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Continental etc.. According to customers choice.

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+91 944 771 2244, 960 535 6786

Visual elegance

Photography Services

Wedding Photography

AGP is specialized in wedding photography making your special day memorable, holy & Historic forever.

Event Photography

AGP caters to all event which needs to be captured and remembered forever.


AGP is equally capable to capture quality images of art, light source and capacity for motion.

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+91 944 771 2244, 960 535 6786